Grab a passport at a local shop or online--$16 gets you a newly expanded, 32-page, locally printed passport with fold-out index map along with a sticker. Purchase of the passport also includes a bottle opener (made in U.S.A.), 20 oz. English pint glass (made in U.S.A.), and a custom map of your journey... but collecting those requires a bit of adventure. Note: no purchase of beer is required for any element of this program!

After you collect four custom stamps at different breweries, you get a bottle opener (breweries have them on hand). A representative will mark the first page in your passport and hand you a reward.

After you collect 16 stamps, you get a pint glass--currently available at Alaro, Bike Dog (W. Sac), Claimstake, Flatland, Fountainhead, New Helvetia, Tower (previously Sactown Union), Sudwerk, and The Monk's Cellar with more locations in the works. Upon collecting a glass, a representative will mark the first page of your passport.

After you visit all available breweries, drop us a line via the contact page, and we will work with you on a custom map of your trek.