Frequently asked questions (and answers)

  • Does a passport expire (do I have to complete it within a certain amount of time)?
    Nope--no expiration date or timeline. Visiting all the breweries will take a while, which is okay because we plan to keep this going for as long as people are excited about it.

  • I just got my fourth stamp, and the brewery is out of bottle openers--what's up with that?
    We try to keep all breweries stocked with bottle openers, but occasionally they run out without our knowledge. Please drop us a line so we can resupply and ensure your fifth stop will have them available.

  • Where can I pick up my pint glass after 16 stamps?
    Alaro, Bike Dog (W. Sac), Claimstake, Flatland, Fountainhead, The Monk's Cellar, Sactown Union, and Sudwerk currently have pint glasses on hand. (If that proves to be untrue, please holler so we can remedy ASAP).

  • What's the story with satellite stamps?
    Bike Dog on Broadway and Device at Ice Blocks are not brewing facilities, but checking out local breweries' other locations is fun--so bring your passport and grab a stamp (noting that these locations do not have bottle openers). Other satellite stamps are in the works, including Loomis Basin's Gastropub and Track 7's Other Side.

  • How often do you release a new version of the passport?
    Because the landscape continues to change quickly, we print 3-4 editions per year. This ensures that one passport is not too different from the previous or next version--nobody wants to purchase something that is significantly out-of-date!