Frequently asked questions (and answers)

  • Why do I have to pay for a passport?
    Passports would be cheaper if we asked breweries to pay to participate, but we don’t. It’s a fine approach, but it would result in less than 100 percent participation—and we want this to include everyone. So we harnessed the energy and passion of crowd funding to get this started, and buying a passport now will help pay for the next edition—your contribution keeps the project going and supports a vibrant industry of local, independent craftspeople. We also work to ensure every layer of the project is of highest quality and produced as close to home as possible—passports are printed in small batches in downtown Sacramento, every custom passport stamp is manufactured in Rancho Cordova, bottle openers and stickers are made in the USA and sourced from Portland, OR, and pint glasses are made in Ohio and detailed in Idaho. While we could cut corners to lower costs (e.g. gold foil covers are not essential but look great), we think the exceptional detail is worth it. And, most importantly, the cost of a passport is insignificant when you look ahead to the experiences gained while exploring our region.

  • Does a passport expire (do I have to complete it within a certain amount of time)?
    Nope--no expiration date or timeline. Visiting all the breweries will take a while, which is okay because we plan to keep this going for as long as people are excited about it.

  • I just got my fourth stamp, and the brewery is out of bottle openers--what's up with that?
    We try to keep all breweries stocked with bottle openers, but occasionally they run out without our knowledge. Please drop us a line so we can resupply and ensure your next stop will have them available.

  • Where can I pick up my pint glass after 16 stamps?
    Alaro, Bike Dog (W. Sac), Claimstake, Flatland, Fountainhead, New Helvetia, Tower (previously Sactown Union), Sudwerk, and The Monk's Cellar currently have pint glasses on hand. (If that proves to be untrue, please holler so we can remedy ASAP.)

  • What's the story with satellite stamps?
    Auburn Alehouse’s Annex, Bike Dog on Broadway, Device @Ice Blocks, Jack Russell Downtown (Placerville), Loomis Basin’s Gastropub, New Glory Eatery & Taproom, Out of Bounds’ Craft Kitchen and Biergarten, Ruhstaller’s Basement Taproom, and Track 7’s The Other Side are not brewing facilities (thus not formally listed in passport), but checking out local breweries' other locations is fun--so bring your passport and grab a stamp! Please note: these locations do not have bottle openers, and visiting satellite locations is not required to complete the passport.

  • How often do you release a new version of the passport?
    Because the landscape continues to change quickly, we print 3 or 4 editions per year. This ensures that one passport is not too different from the previous or next version—nobody wants to purchase something that is significantly out-of-date.

  • My passport is out of room—can I get extra pages?
    Yes. We offer an expansion kit to seamlessly add 8 pages to accommodate 24 stamps.