Frequently asked questions (and answers)

  • Does a passport expire (do I have to complete it within a certain amount of time)?
    Nope--no expiration date or timeline. Visiting 65 breweries will take a while, which is okay because we plan to keep this going for as long as people are excited about it.

  • I just got my fourth stamp, and the brewery is out of bottle openers--what's up with that?
    We try to keep all breweries stocked with bottle openers, but occasionally they run out without our knowledge. Please drop us a line so we can resupply and ensure your fifth stop will have them available.

  • Where can I pick up my pint glass after 16 stamps?
    Alaro, Bike Dog (W. Sac), Claimstake, Flatland, Fountainhead, The Monk's Cellar, Sactown Union, and Sudwerk currently have pint glasses on hand.

  • What's the story with satellite stamps?
    Bike Dog on Broadway and Device at Ice Blocks are not brewing facilities, but checking out local breweries' other locations is fun--so bring your passport and grab a stamp, noting that these locations do not have bottle openers. Other satellite stamps are in the works, including Loomis Basin's Gastropub and Track 7's Other Side.